CRM for a small business with conditional statements in mail templates

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Hi! I'm currently looking for a CRM for a small business (currently 5 people accessing the CRM).

What I need are the following functions:

  1. custom fields for contacts (best would be to be able to rearrange the contact view because there will be a lot of custom fields)
  2. global values that can be accessed from every custom field (e.g. a fixed price for a product that can be added to another price inside of custom fields and doesn't have to be changed in every contact)
  3. mathematical functions inside custom fields
  4. conditional statements based on choices made for the contact. We send out very personal mails that have a lot of salutations depending on whether the contact is male or female, degree of relationship, etc. (German language is much more complicated in this regard than english). It should be possible to hide/unhide textblocks automatically based on checkboxes in the contact info. As well as adding custom text to the mail before sending it out that is different each time.
  5. PDF creation out of specific custom fields
  6. automations (like distributing the incoming leads to different owners based on the zip code)

Any recommendations for these specific things? Most of the other things we need don't seem to be so special and should be part of every CRM out there.

Thanks in advance!

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