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You may be a IT Service Giant or a product startup unicorn or a fortune 500 company. You may even have all the resources to write your own ERP software. But why re-invent a telephone when graham bell already did in the past, there are already tested and globally accepted professional cloud solutions like Sage 300Cloud, whose modular structure means they can be seamlessly engineered to your business processes.

Being an IT company we know each company works differently and has individual set of focused areas. Sage 300Cloud software is built and tailored to suit everyone, it won’t matter if you are a small team working tirelessly on small projects locally or a team of multi hierarchical structure working on big projects all over the world. We would take care of the tracking and managing activities for you so that you only put your crucial time meeting your goals rather than gathering status of the project for hours. 


Managing intense cut throat competition, ever changing demands, technology, rapid expansion, cost control, Margin and markup analysis, budgeting, Resource planning, keeping track of project execution and deadlines.

IT companies face daily challenges like these that cause great discomfort and possible loss of opportunities. Both service and product based IT companies face different issues regarding Projects as well as products.

ERP for Industry: Only an integrated ERP software system can provide you with the 360-degree view of your finances, customer’s activities, requests, and projects that you need to stay ahead of the competition. Maximizing resource utilization, project and contract management and execution, and managing resource, time and expenses, are some of the ERP capabilities.

Product vs Service based industry 

Service industries are more project oriented by nature, as opposed to a product-centric. Historically, ERP systems by nature were built to serve companies that designed products, manufactured them and track the billing process for them. Service based companies have to do a lot of customization in order to work in an ERP system and have to distribute transaction through customizations.

ERP system tailored for services deliver a completely different experience and can manage variety of complex projects and to allow service differentiation. Having a fully integrated ERP solution is a game changer for most service and product based companies and are mission critical for growth and sustainability. 

Business tailored Sage 300Cloud offerings: In order to deliver the best product and service possible to their clients, customer-centric organizations have very specific requirements when selecting an ERP solution. Sage 300Cloud is engineered by keeping in mind all these requirements and can help organization achieve their goals, we have mentioned our offering just to name a few. 

1. Project and Contract Management: Individual Contract based costing can be linked to the Project to track overall revenue accounted. New and running projects can be tracked providing clear view of the delay and completion of the project.

2. Budget Management: Budgets creation helps to keep track of over and under budget analysis. Comparison of the actuals and Budgets keep organization on check.

3. Resource Planning: Service based companies are mainly focused in the resource planning for the project and any misleading judgment can cause organization with an unwanted loss. Sage 300Cloud can help organization plan resources fully and keep then utilized.

4. Reporting Analytics: Sage 300Cloud Provide intelligent reporting specially structured for IT Company needs to manage their financials and set target and plan execution activities.

5. Recurring Task Management and scheduling:  Sage 300Cloud let IT companies to automate recurring activities like payment, charges or other day to day transaction which can be scheduled in the system.

6. Margin and Markup Analysis: Rapid changes in technology and competition in the market lead service and product based company to analyze the markup cost and margin on the product as well as the cost for services they are offering. Sage 300Cloud provide an efficient way to maintain all these price listing, markup cost and margin analysis with the report based comparison. 

At Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd., we are home to world-class ERP software and CRM software that will solidify your business tech support fundamentals and enable you to build a customer-centric organization. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at

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