7 Ways Cloud ERP Helps Organizations Build Resilience and Agility

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One particularly important resource for today’s economic climate is NetSuite’s 7 Ways Cloud ERP Helps Organizations Build Resilience and Agility white paper. Due to the economic upheaval, political instability, natural disasters, and other disruptive events, a slew of challenges have been created for businesses. Those that are able to adapt when others can’t, have built-in resilience and are the companies that succeed in these conditions. These companies have the ability to innovate new products and services quickly, modify business processes or their entire business model and respond to new opportunities as they emerge.

More than ever, companies are needing to evaluate their need for ERP now rather than later. NetSuite’s white paper offers 7 key ways an ERPs capabilities can help support more intelligent, resilient organizations and why:

  1. Enables remote workforce management and collaboration.
  2. Complies with accounting standards and regulatory requirements.
  3. Gives all organizational departments a unified and accurate picture of the business.
  4. Drives quick reaction times.
  5. Reduces operational risk.
  6. Tracks unit economics, customer, and project profitability.
  7. Helps companies scale and adapt.

In the end, companies that continue to rely on spreadsheets, poorly integrated best-of-breed software, and/or on-premises ERP to manage their operations face an uphill battle to overcome today’s business challenges. While ERP platforms were mainly used by large corporations, ERP has come a long way in the nearly three decades since the term was originated. Now, with cloud-based platforms like NetSuite, ERP has become increasingly affordable and successful with startups, midsized, and large companies that need all the benefits offered.

Outlined in the above white paper, you’ll learn exactly what your company can do to build resilience in a time where it’s needed the most. Download the entire white paper from NetSuite today.