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Power Automate Azure Logic Apps Power Automate is built on top of Azure Logic Apps It is a SaaS service for workflow automation across several different apps and SaaS services. It is a PaaS service for workflow automation across several different apps, SaaS services, and IaaS services for enterprise integration. For more of self-service and … Continue reading “Power Automate vs Azure Logic Apps”

Originally posted on Friyank Parikh Blog:
Hi All, Welcome,Today we will see how to limit the number of responses in Microsoft Forms aka Customer Voice. We have a survey, and customer can fill and submit this survey. But, Requirement is to allow only first 5 customer to reply not more than that. So Before this…

Originally posted on HowCanIHelpYou?:
SSRS Reports have a placeholder property HTML – Interpret HTML tags as styles. That property allows you to use HTML tags while displaying report. We have to face the problem when we want to display SharePoint`s RichText field content is SSRS Report. RichText field may contain some characters that are stored different in SharePoint…

Cloud Computing enables companies to consume a complete resource – such as virtual machine, storage, or an application as a utility – just like electricity – rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructure in-house. Cloud provider provides the cloud infrastructure which is shared across multiple clients. Clients can select which service to use … Continue reading “Microsoft Azure / Cloud Computing – Introduction”

Originally posted on Ajit Patra:
We often come across requirements in which we want to add certain value to the same variable e.g. for integer variable, x=x+5 or for string variable, test=test+”additional”. We were trying to achieve the same thing using PowerAutomate. However, while doing this using Set Variable action, we got an error saying…

Originally posted on tsmatz:
With new Azure Portal (, Azure AD provides very flexible SAML-based configuration, but some folks ask me where to do that ? In this post, I show you the answer for this question using some bit of SAML-based federation sample code of PHP and Node.js. Note : For the settings using Azure…

Before the SSIS package can be deployed to Azure Data Factory we need to provision Azure-SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) runtime (IR) in Azure Data Factory. In the previous posts, we had created an Azure data factory instance had used Azure SQL Database as the source. Within Azure Data Factory in the Let’s get started … Continue reading “Deploy and run SSIS package in Azure Data Factory”

Originally posted on Ajit Patra:
Many times we come across requirements such as show/hide ribbon buttons based on logged in user’s security role. Earlier, we used to get security roles of logged in user at client side using Xrm.Utility.getGlobalContext().userSettings.securityRoles which used to return array of GUID value of each security role. Now that it’s deprecated,…

While trying to connect to a table within Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 through CDS Folder View we got the below error Users have reported this issue with the August 2020 Update of Power BI Desktop. As suggested in the forums, downgrading to June 2020 Update fixed the issue for us. Check out Export CDS data … Continue reading “Error – We don’t support the option ‘HierarchicalNavigation’. Parameter name: HierarchicalNavigation when trying to load table in Power BI Desktop using Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 CDM Folder view (beta)”

Originally posted on Virendra Agrawal’s Blog:
I recently had an opportunity to work on Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for a retail client who was envisioning to consolidate their customer’s information to achieve a true customer 360-degree view. The main objective was to remove the silos of data that represents customer purchases, payments, website visits,…

With 2020 Release Wave 1, new experience was added for administrators which uses Power Automate for defining rules, conditions, and actions for SLA and Automatic create and update records rule. Now 2020 Release Wave 2 provides a tool to migrate the existing rules and SLA from classic app to the Customer Service Hub that … Continue reading “ARC and SLA Migration tool (Preview) in Dynamics 365 – 2020 Release Wave 2”

Originally posted on D365 Demystified:
Here’s how you can register your Canvas Power App in your Azure’s Application Insights and log telemetry data into Azure. Some basic info about what all you can see in Application Insights is – Count of Users who used the app Events logged, Sessions logged Device info Region info It’s…

Let us update our previous flow to include parallel approvals. The difference between Approve / Reject Type – Everyone must approve and parallel approvals would be that using parallel approvals we could wait for responses for all the approvers, be it approve or reject. In case of Everyone must approve, if any of the approvers rejects, … Continue reading “Parallel Approvals – Power Automate and Dynamics 365”

Continuing our previous basic  approval flow, here we’d update it to send an approval request to the manager of the user. First, we’d use the Get manager V2 action to get the user’s manager. Let us first update the profiles of the users to add their manager. Sign in to the Azure portal as an … Continue reading “Manager approval – Power Automate and Dynamics 365”

Originally posted on CRM Keeper:
This week I needed to use the List Records function, and I realized that I had no idea how to use the filters. Thank you Jonas Rapp for creating the FetchXML Builder!! The function “Flow List parameters” saved my day:) Simple filters Let’s begin with the simple filters where I…


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