An application to manage the administrator of CRM?

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I have what might be an odd request. An application to manage the administration of application!?! What!? haha.

I admin a pretty "robust" (read: complicated) CRM application. I'm having a hard time in the documentation department. Really, the entire configuration of this tool lives in my brain, which is not okay. I have a small KB in Confluence, but there are so many moving pieces, it's quickly becoming something that is not easily navigatable. What has been difficult for me to document is the "if you change code 123, it impacts these 23 workflows and these other 12 codes, and this code is referenced in these 8 other places, and used in these 2 other rouge applications".

Does anyone know of any app that I could use to essentially map my application setup? The vendor's suggestion is excel and this is fine, but this just seems so antiquated.

EDIT: ADMINISTRATION of CRM, not Administrator. I'm fine, really. It's fine guys…everything is ok 🙂

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