Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without him knowing

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A relationship is a combo of love, trust, and affection. But that is not all. There is one more thing called understanding. And when this gets affected, mind it the relationship is on the way to break up. Also, trust is one of the strong bases of any relations and the moment the words ‘Cheat’, fidelity comes in, it gets shaken. These words have the power to ruin even the strongest relations. Therefore one must try to keep these words away from them. But what happens when they enter your world? This is what we will discuss in this article. Also will tell you how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine.

If you feel like you don’t trust your partner or your partner doesn’t trust you. Then there are ways by which you can help in making things better in between both of you.

Ways to improvise your relations:

  • Communication

It is said that communication can solve every problem. You can sit and talk to him with a peaceful mind and ask about the matter. The chances are he will answer all your questions if the problem is just restricted to his workload, tiredness but if he doesn’t respond to you that be alert, there is something fishy going inside.

  • Remembering the special moments

Try to remind him of your special moments. Take him there, this might make him feel the same spark and excitement you had at the beginning of relation. Try to remind him about long calling hours, texting, going out on a date, etc. This might make him realize how he is behaving these days.

If all this doesn’t work, try the tried and tested method to know what exactly is going on. It installs a spy app and starts tracking his phone activities. A spy app lets you track another person’s incoming calls, messages, chats, social media accounts, browsing histories, and much more without letting the person know. You can even track the location of the person through GPS. Not only this, but some apps also allow you to even listen to the conversations too. Isn’t’ it great?

Some of the reliable spy apps: 

This app is just amazing. It is easy to install and you can track your partner phone completely including the incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, chats, social media accounts and even tracking his location is possible with this app. This way you will come to know where he goes, whom he meets, and all about his talks. This is the best app that supports Android phones.

The second on my list is Spyic. This app is a step forward than mSpy as it consists of more advanced features. Along with tracking the incoming and outcalls, text messages, social media accounts, browsing history, and tracking the location, you can track the SIM card and if any changes were done to it.

This app is also one of the most widely used ones. The feature includes tracking incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, chats, social media accounts and track the location of a person if he goes out of the location are you have set. This app is only for Android phones.

  • Mobistealth

It is one of the best apps to unearth all these secrets your partner is hiding from you. It works on stealth mode and let you track all the activities taking place on targeted iPhone, android, and blackberry device.

  • Highster Mobile 

In this app, you can record calls and messages which are sent or received and get recorded in an online account for you to see whenever you want. You can also check their photos, look into their emails, check all the text conversations and the best part is when you are done with spying things, you do not need the target phone to install the app. It gets uninstall remotely.

Likewise, there is a long list of spy apps that you can choose according to your requirements, your and your partner’s phone, and of course the most important budget. Always remember to check the loopholes of phone application before using the spy apps. There are many options of spy apps available online having different prices that vary with the services they offer.

Using these apps not only will let you know the complete scenario but will also clear your mind about what you should do next.

Besides using these paps, there is some more work you need to do to get better results. Check his ATM withdrawals, bills, car mileage, etc to know where is he spending. Don’t ask direct questions as this might make him suspicious of your spying thing. Change your plans unannounced. Tell him that you will go out and don’t go out that day. Say no when he asks to go out and meet him at the meeting place without telling him before. This might help you in revealing the person who has come between you.

Now the question comes how will you install the app? Here is the solution to your problem:

How to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine?

Although there are numerous easy ways to sync your partners’ phone to yours. Here is one of the easiest one:

With an iPhone, it is like synchronizing messages in iCloud. You have to log in with the same id. Then go to settings and click on your name and iCloud and then activate messages. You are done!

If you have an android phone, you can do it using Google sync. Go to iPhone settings and then enter your account or username, if you have multiple accounts, tap the account you want to use. And then tap on account sync. Click more and then sync now. And you are done.

This is how you can sync your phone with your partner’s phone and can track what you want.

Hope this article helps you sort out the confusions or problems you are facing due to the lack of trust factor.