PowerAutomate: Self-reference is not supported when updating the value of variable

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Ajit Patra

We often come across requirements in which we want to add certain value to the same variable e.g. for integer variable, x=x+5 or for string variable, test=test+”additional”.

We were trying to achieve the same thing using PowerAutomate. However, while doing this using Set Variable action, we got an error saying “Self-reference is not supported when updating the value of variable”.

Below is what we were trying to do inside Apply to each action and the expression is: add(variables(‘Service Delivery Type Total Amount’),items(‘Apply_to_each_Service_Delivery_Type’)?[‘dxc_amount’])

As this is not possible using PowerAutomate at the moment, we achieved it using another variable of same type in the middle as shown below:

And, inside Apply to each action, we added the following Set Variable actions:

Expression for the above action: add(variables(‘Dummy Service Delivery Type Amount’), items(‘Apply_to_each_Service_Delivery_Type’)?[‘dxc_amount’])

Hope it helps !!

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