Gain Greater Financial Control with an EPM System

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GainGreaterFinancialControlwithanEPMSystemKey Benefits of Infor d/EPM

Senior finance professionals are under increasing pressure to make the right business decisions to stay relevant in a growing, competitive global market. When paired with the extensive amount of valuable data your company is constantly generating, how do you manage?

A strong and innovative enterprise performance management (EPM) system can transform your finance department. Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM) offers modern, intelligent business and financial performance management capabilities, so you can drive your overall business performance with agility. With Infor d/EPM, you’ll have greater insight and make more informed decisions across your enterprise. 


Seamless Data Integration 

It can be difficult to fully understand, let alone use, important company data when it’s spread across multiple systems. A seamless software integration system will allow you to not only understand your data but also to use that data to improve your business. Infor d/EPM collects real-time data from source applications and translates it into business insights delivered through a fully integrated solution suite with a single, common user interface. 


With Infor d/EPM, you can easily integrate your Infor and non-Infor enterprise systems whether they’re on-premise, in the cloud, or both. This simple integration reduces strain on your IT department by making it easier to securely manage your technology investments, stay up to date with upgrades, and move away from hardware-related expenses. Best of all, you can eliminate the data silos created by unconnected systems. Additionally, the data integration tools in Infor d/EPM result in well-informed, thorough decision-making at every level of your organization—the C-suite, sales and marketing, finance, supply chain partners, and more.


Easily Set Goals and Monitor Progress

With Infor d/EPM, businesses can map out strategic goals, tie them to tactical plans, monitor progress, and act! By setting clear and direct goals in tandem with this software, and by tracking your business’s progress, you can grow your company despite competition.

Infor d/EPM is an agile platform that allows you to monitor your actual performance against your strategic goals in addition to helping you to consolidate your holdings to create a more complete financial report. Designed to recognize repetitive planning processes, Infor d/EPM budget and planning module reduces the time spent budgeting. Further, it allows you to create discipline and flexibility through task management, decision packages, workflows, and versioning capabilities, freeing up your valuable time to focus on more mission-critical tasks. 


Safeguard Your Business 

It is impossible to completely prepare for all possible threats; however, when businesses mitigate risk by utilizing forecasting tools, they create safeguards. Infor d/EPM is based on an in-memory analytical applications platform that provides timely consolidation of data and immediate user feedback on the impact of financial and business plans, allowing you to plan and prepare in real-time.


Wrap Up

The capabilities and benefits of Infor d/EPM go far beyond easy access to data—you can better manage performance, risk, and the impact of business decisions across your organization. And with the software built-in ‘what if’ capabilities, you can create optimized business plans, forecasts, and models that allow you to easily manage all your needs within one, integrated solution. The platform enables predictive modeling and operational planning, and includes the development of sub-plans for workforce budgets and sales programs.


Datix is a certified Infor partner, and we want to help you transform your business with Infor d/EPM! We have been helping our clients grow their companies through software implementation for over 20 years. From start to finish, our certified consultants provide you with resources and personalized support.

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