What is the best CRM for SaaS companies? Why?

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Hi all,

I am working on CRM project as a SDR in Sumasa.io

We are developing CRM system that is understandable to every users(at all levels). Our target customer is SaaS companies. Recently we have been doing CRM market research about SaaS companies who use CRM systems.

What do you think about must have on CRM system, below features are useful?

Here is the some of features that you need:

  • Task management
  • Segmentation for contact and companies. Categorize leads with the custom filters and tags you have.
  • Create custom roles for different teams.
  • Assign ticket to other teammate or different department
  • Sales team can prefer to useful email templates(soon)
  • They can call online from the system and see the call activity and short messages.
  • CRM save contact and company information by email.
  • Report incoming call and outbound call.
  • You can add custom fields to contact or company detail page.

Would love to hear your feedback, thank you!

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