Looking for guidance on selecting a CRM system: Automation, Integrations, Quotes, and of course Customer Management. Small company of 3 people. Specialized equipment sales focused.

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I am ready to be done using excel and outlook to do our own half baked version of CRM and, really, failing our customers. We have too many customers to manage and we don't do a good enough job. We sell specialized equipment, meaning that our customers only use us 1 out of every 50 jobs (when its appropriate) but we need to stay relevant to them without being annoying. So they remember to use us when the right job comes.

The old guard (the other two guys) are not really interested in changing, but that's okay because even if they don't it will still help me. And if I can show it making me more effective then I know they will sway.

I have never used CRM so I dont really know what I dont know. And what I do know that I dont know is a lot as well. So sorry if anything sounds ignorant because I am.

My goals include:

  • Integrations with other tools such as Zapier (Handwrytten, etc)
  • Quote Generation (we get lots of part orders and if I have to make it in excel one more time…)
  • Customer Management – this is pretty standard, we have lots of customers and we all talk to them on our own. Seeing who is doing what with who would be amazing.
  • Automation – Anything to make it so our small company doesnt have to remember small things. Like writing a birthday card to an important customer, things like that.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me on my journey.

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