Approvals in Power Automate and Dynamics 365

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Let us try implementing a basic scenario, where an agent can send a case for approval and the record is updated based on the approver’s response.

The agent here sets the Submit for Approval – custom field as Yes and saves the record for submitting it for approval.

The description field will be updated to reflect approval or rejection.

Login to Power Automate

Start with Automated Flow (blank template)

Choose trigger as When a record is updated. (Common Data Service)

Select the appropriate environment, cases as entity name, and scope, for attribute filter, we have selected the custom field ‘submit for approval’

Add a new step and search for Approvals action.

Select approval type as Start and wait for an approval and specify the appropriate values.

To Item link with the URL of the case record

Save the flow and add a Condition step with the condition ‘Outcome’ equal to ‘Approve’.

For If Yes step, select Update a record (Common data service) action, specify values for Entity name, Item ID, and Description field.

Repeat the same for the If no step.

Update – add the condition to check the value of submit for approval field


As we will request for approval only if value is true.

Let us select the Flow checker to check the flow first before we can test it.

As there are no errors or warnings, click on the Test button and select the I’ll perform the trigger action option.

To trigger it, open a case record, set Submit for approval field as Yes, and save it.

We’d see our flow running and waiting for the approval.

The approver can either approve it through email.

Or within the mobile app.

As well as the approval center.

Let us approve the request.

We’d see our flow completed successfully.

And the case record updated.

This was the very basic example to begin with, in the next few posts we’d try covering other scenarios.

Hope it helps..