Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 2020 Release Wave 2

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With just a little over a month until the Microsoft Dynamics 365 fall release wave, Turnkey Technologies is committed to keeping the Dynamics community informed on the new features and updates that will arrive in October.

We’ve already covered what is new and planned for Dynamics 365 Finance. Read about what’s coming up for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management!


  • Enhanced cost allocation

Inventory management

  • Enterprise-scale inventory performance improvements and archiving


  • Enter serial numbers while reporting as finished from the job card device
  • New user experience for production floor execution


  • Planning optimization enhancements
  • Planning optimization support for materials requirements planning (MRP)

Product information management

  • New inventory dimensions for product version tracking and enhanced extensibility

Trade and source

  • Default RFQ reply fields for vendor bidding
  • Vendor RFQ search by procurement category
  • Approve and save vendor-submitted bank details
  • Vendor-submitted certifications
  • Preserve vendor bid data for amended RFQs
  • Vendors can request approval for procurement categories
  • Landed cost and inbound transportation management

Warehouse and transportation management

  • Confirm outbound shipments from batch jobs
  • Order-committed reservation based on license plates
  • Work pick line overview
  • Work policy enhancements for inbound work
  • Outbound workload visualization
  • Create and process transfer orders from the warehouse app
  • Manual sales line picking
  • Process warehouse app events

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