CRM – a useful stakeholder manager?

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Hi all you knowledgeable people! I hope you can help.

I work for a small medical technology company whose first product is still in development. I work in marketing and my role right now is to manage our clinical trial involvement. We are marketing directly to volunteers who can provide samples, but we're also working with urgent care, hospitals, GPs, pharmacies who can provide us with samples / direct volunteers to us and we need to have a central system to track all of our communications (we use office 365) and see how engaged each setting /certain contacts are.

I don't know how common it is to need a system where there is no money changing hands so most of the CRM systems are features are redundant. The automation features might come in handy but we're not there yet.

We've looked at a few and are currently testing Zoho and Agile which seem good in terms of unique fields, assigning activities, uploading supporting documents and the price is about right but i just wondered if there was another system that was geared more for our needs than a buyer/seller relationship?

Appreciate any thoughts.

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