How Marketers Can Overcome the AI Trust Gap

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AI Trust Gap- By now, we’ve all read the headlines about AI rendering humans obsolete, as well as the inevitable rebuttals that robots will never replace human creativity. Like most things, the answer lies somewhere in the middle, with marketing being a prime example of an industry where machine learning (ML) techniques and human intuition go hand-in-hand. As our CMO (and CMSWire contributor) Lynne Capozzi recently wrote, “You need to have both the tech-supported insight and creative inspiration to design relevant campaigns based on the real-time needs and interests of your audience.”

The challenge here is how to help employees accept these new AI-based solutions, even if they don’t fully understand how a machine produced an answer. Lack of transparency into ML behavior causes issues of trust that businesses must overcome before they can adapt and use AI technology to its full potential.

It will take a combination of changing employees’ perspectives, changing the process by which marketers comprehend customer behavior, and ultimately, changing the way teams interpret and act upon those insights to bridge that gap. To tap into the full potential offered by AI, marketers need to first understand the advantages these tools offer and how to take ownership of the new information.

How Machines Shift Marketing Priorities

Digital transformation isn’t an elimination of old ways, but rather a critical evolution. Just as automation boosted factory workers’ productivity during the Industrial Revolution or power tools gave an unprecedented advantage to construction workers far beyond the hammer, computer algorithms can help today’s marketers and digital leaders improve customer understanding and free up more time to dedicate to producing stronger business results.

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