4 Ways ERP for Manufacturing Industry Solves Complex Business Challenges

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 In today’s world it has become a task for any manufacturer to survive in the rising competition as he needs to take care of lot of things and processes which are cost incurring and have direct effect on manpower, material, resource, supplier, power and on the other hand, to be a success full manufacturer in today’s competitive environment a manufacturer should have a good hold on all internal & external aspects related to manufacturing process such as labor, raw material, machinery, maintenance, supplier, contractor etc.

There are lots of questions which arise in mind of a manufacturer like how to maintain a good relationship with supplier, how to increase productivity, how to maintain quality, how to meet the customer satisfaction level, how to reduce the workforce, how to keep a track on inventory, how to maintain reports related to finance, stocks, how can we track resource, power, material, shifts, break down which we utilize for manufacturing the product, how to check the rejected material machine wise  & mostly the difficulty is of human errors as we all know in case of manual intervention always there are chances of discrepancy in reports & which effect things very badly.

We constantly struggle to answer the above questions. But without automation the processes get complicated & it would be great if the question is answered by enterprise solution system itself. One of the premier and advanced technology for ERP for manufacturing industries in India is Sage 300 from Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Sage 300 is automated for smooth functioning of manufacturing business with business intelligence and intelligent reporting.

Sage 300 is not just an automation tool which will help for transaction but the major objective is to improve the business process & to integrate information between all functional areas to make a better decision & to perform the activities which will add value to business.

Generic benefits of ERP for manufacturing firm

  1. We can control & monitor the expenses
  2. We can reduce human errors
  3. Keep customer promises
  4. It will help to Improve customer relationships
  5. We can achieve customer satisfaction
  6. We can make proper planning & execution
  7. We can streamline the production
  8. Better inventory visibility
  9. We can achieve operational efficiency
  10. We can track internal aspects related to power, labor, machines etc.

Below are the some of the Modules which will help manufacturer to achieve his goal in today’s world.

Highlights of ERP Manufacturing Firm

  1. Manufacturing Work Orders
  2. Scheduling material availability location wise
  3. Production costing
  4. Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  5. Multiple production revisions
  6. Bill of Material
  7. Product Quality
  8. Integrated Financial Management

Address Complex Challenges with ERP for Manufacturing

The inception of ERP for manufacturing industry has certainly boosted efficiencies across critical manufacturing operations for many businesses involved in this sector. In fact, ERP solutions have long been a staple for manufacturing companies that crave to streamline critical operations and speed up warehouse/inventory tracking and management whilst uplifting customer service.

With the dawn of advanced technologies, ERP for manufacturing industry is sure to get better and better than what we have now. Mobility, cloud based ERP software and real-time business intelligence reporting are few factors that are sure to empower manufacturing companies like never before.

Earlier industrial manufacturing ERP software solutions used to be a costly affair confined to larger manufacturing companies only, whereas for SMEs and start-ups, it was a distant dream due to budget constraints. However, with the availability of budget-friendly, affordable and cost-effective ERP solutions for manufacturing industry, SMEs and start-ups from manufacturing sector too are joining the bandwagon.

1. Rapid Changes in the Manufacturing Industry

So what does the future hold for ERP for manufacturing industry? It beholds an interesting future with a number of advanced features and capabilities, but these three core aspects i.e. Cloud/Mobile, Warehouse/Inventory Automation and Intelligent Business Analytics will shape up the industry mainly.

These three technologies are sure to jump start critical manufacturing operations for a number of businesses. For instance, manufacturing companies in a few years from now will be seen leveraging the flexibility and power of mobile ERP and also will embrace on-demand ERP software solutions wholeheartedly for seamless inventory tracking, warehouse management, quality control management, invoicing, tax calculations, etc.

Here is how ERP will shape up the manufacturing industry in few years down the line:

2. Intelligent Business Reporting and Analytics

Unfortunately, many manufacturing companies fail to leverage internal data to the fullest. In addition, most of these companies also lack robust and effective tools to track, identify and extract critical data scattered across the enterprise in real time to help make informed business decisions quickly. Also, it becomes a dreadful task to stay abreast with the competitors, forecast sales and keep a tab on market trends.

The future of ERP holds a perfect solution to address these issues, since next-gen ERP for manufacturing will be equipped with more advanced and intuitive business intelligence reporting to provide insightful and actionable analytics helping business managers and owners to make sound decisions.

3. Mobile to takeover

ERP technology with unmatched mobility will help greatly in empowering employees of manufacturing companies, who work remotely whilst enhancing customer satisfaction and service. Cloud-based and mobile ERP technology will make it very easy for employees to access sales trends, inventory tracking, pricing, etc. from their tablets and smartphones when on the run! Most importantly, your sales reps can key in orders and other details in real-time making it accessible to every user of the system instantaneously. Assured productivity boost is just around the corner for manufacturing businesses!

4. Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation is the next big thing for industrial manufacturing ERP software solutions. Yes, soon ERP for manufacturing companies will offer excellent warehouse automation capabilities that include RFID (radio frequency identification) integration and tracking.

This along with other advancements in ERP technology will aid manufacturing organisations to assess huge volumes of data efficiently, which helps boost productivity. It doesn’t cease here, as inventory management would become a lot easier and swift as well.


With so much innovation spanning across the ERP software for manufacturing companies, it is the right time for companies who are still to embrace the technology to seize the moment!

To know how ERP solution can help your specific manufacturing business to streamline its operations, boost productivity and automate complex business processes, click here.

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