Acumatica Will Never Hold Your Data Hostage If You Leave

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Everybody loves the idea of the cloud. It offers ease of use, lower costs, quick access to information, and high security against disasters.

But why, despite the clear benefits, are many businesses scared to move their data to the cloud? Because they feel that once they go to the cloud, their data is somewhere else. They don’t know where it is and they don’t have access to it. And they fear their cloud vendor could hold their data hostage if they decided to transfer to a different platform.

Unfortunately, many cloud vendors make that fear legitimate. You can’t take a copy of your data with you if you leave them. They could hold your data hostage, giving your data back in a basket, whether it be flat files or common delimited.

But this is where Acumatica Cloud ERP separates itself from the rest.

Where Acumatica is different

Acumatica Cloud ERP makes a clear distinction between itself and other cloud-based accounting platforms. You have the choice of being able to run your data where you want. Your data is your data. Through database snapshots, Acumatica is set up to make sure each user can use, access, and control their data the way that they need to.


If you’re running your data in the SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud, Acumatica also comes with a database snapshot feature, which allows you to take snapshots of your company at any time. Each snapshot is a complete copy of your database. You can take that snapshot and restore them at a later time in the location of your choice.

To do this, all you have to do is load a two-user version of Acumatica on a laptop with MySQL or full SQL. There you can restore the Acumatica version would be running in the AWS cloud. With SQL, you can actually go right into the table structures of Acumatica and pull your data out in a relational fashion. Acumatica is the only accounting platform that offers this.

With Acumatica Cloud ERP, you get something that is unique to the accounting platform world-data ownership. And with flexible deployment options, you own and can access your data when you need to. It is not locked up so that you can’t get to it.

Are you considering moving to a cloud-based ERP system? You may have questions and we’re here to help answer them. See why Acumatica Cloud ERP may be the best choice your company could make.

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