Notes on Adobe Campaign v6 – Running a campaign

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Continuing our previous posts, where we looked at Campaign planning, segmentation, deliveries.

In this post, we’d look at Flow Control tab and various steps in it, for running the campaign.

  • We can use the Start step inside the Flow Control tab, to specify the starting point within the workflow.

  • We can use the End step which cleans up the temporary data and free up resources.

  • We can use the Fork step to have the same result of the query flowing to a different path

  • We can use the scheduler step for specifying the schedule on which the campaign should run. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Once or several times a day.

  • We can also define a recurring schedule along with any specific future date for the campaign to run on.

  • We can use the Test step to evaluate a condition and define the flow accordingly based on the result either true or false.

  • We can use the Wait step for specifying wait duration (seconds, minutes, hours, days)

  • We can use the Time constraint step, through which we can specify start and end time.

  • We can use the Sub-workflow step to start a child workflow.

  • We can use Jump (start point) and Jump (end point) step, to make it easy to view and design the workflow that could have many steps and complex flows in it.

  • We can use the External signal step, as a trigger for an event outside Adobe Campaign.

  • We can use the Approval
    step for defining the approval step, before moving to the next action.

  • We can use the Alert step for sending the message to adobe campaign users.

  • We can use the Task status step, for assigning the task to the users, as part of the workflow.

  • We can use the start button to run the campaign, similarly, we can use pause, stop, restart options in the menu bar for controlling the execution of the workflow

  • We can pause a workflow, disable a particular step in the workflow, and can also check the interim result

  • We can use the Journal tab to get all the details of the workflow execution.

  • We can also check logs of any individual step. Right click and select Display Logs in the menu.

  • The Dashboard for the campaign will show the status and the delivery information for the Campaign once we run the campaign.

Do check out the Pluralsight course for understanding in depth.

Getting started with Adobe Campaign V6

Hope it helps..