Mapping our Procedures prior to CRM Implementation

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Hi All,

I am overseeing an upcoming CRM project and am currently mapping out all our (rather outdated) procedures (we have a lot of paper forms and double entry).

Currently, I am having staff log every action/step they take for routine tasks etc, from this, i plan to create flow charts to understand needs and what can be eliminated / improved and this will decide what approach we want for the system.

Although thorough, i feel my approach is rather long winded and is also causing staff to be a little disgruntled. Do you have advice on the best way to collect and display this sort of thing to assist with CRM implmentation?

Note: I am gathering the data from multiple sites that i can only attend fortnightly for a day or two. My next phase will be our remote sales people who are rather autonomous and will likely be difficult to get thorough / adequate information from.

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