Top 10 High-Risk Professions That Are Legally Protected

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The irony of the modern civilization is that the most crucial of jobs are also the riskiest for the employees. The high risk involved in these jobs circumvent injuries, disability, mental or physical trauma, or in some cases even death.

Thankfully, the legal framework enables these professionals to stay protected or at least, demand compensation if they are injured while on duty. It is noteworthy to learn about which professions fall under this high-risk category and subsequently, how can they be claimed.

So, without any further ado, here are the top 10 professions that are considered the riskiest.

1. Construction Workers

Construction jobs are by far the most dangerous employment sectors in the world. There are obvious physical hazards at every step in and around a construction site, ranging from hanging angle bars to toxic exudes from cement and other chemicals. To top it off, there are all sorts of power tools and machines being used on a construction site that are a major cause of on-site accidents.

2. Emergency Medical Technician

Typically, the first person to respond to any critical scene is an emergency medical technician. Notably, these professionals step in to the toughest situations, since they are responsible for ensuring the safety of the civilians. Some of the common dangers involve fire hazards, chemical and toxic hazards, and in some cases the line of action as well.

3. Firefighters

Similarly, another first responder to fire hazards are the firefighters, who constantly put their lives on the line of duty. Smoke, rumbling structures, toxic fumes, and burns are a part of everyday life for these professionals. And then there are constant risks of explosions from electrical wiring and household or industrial chemicals.

4. Oil Rig Workers

Although a workplace such as an oil rig or an oilfield is highly equipped with protective measures, there are still imminent chances of accidents. As experts suggest here,, oil rig workers are employers’ responsibility. It means for any injury that they may sustain while they are on duty their employers may be held liable.

5. Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Heavy vehicle drivers are subjected to higher risks as compared to an ordinary driver. These risks might not be physical injuries, however, because usually such freights are escorted with heavy security. These professionals bear a higher risk of psychological or stress-related injuries, and in some cases, repetitive stress injuries.

6. Police or Correction Officers

It needs no saying that police and correction officers are in obvious danger due to the mere nature of their job. Thieves, vandals, criminals, and psychopaths, these professionals have to deal with every person, who is picked up by the legal radar. Besides, maintaining law and order, be it festivities or elections is one of the routine roles of their profile.

7. Logging Workers

The logging industry has come a long way from conventional practices, but this has also increased the risks involved in the job. While earlier, logging workers only used axes and flannels, today they use all sorts of power tools and heavy machinery. And it needs no saying that these machines and tools require their users to be extra careful when operating them.

8. Arborists

Another member from the same or similar industry as that of logging is an arborist. Their job role involves climbing onto extreme heights and that too with only a mere set of harness ropes. To add to this, using chain saw while hanging on heights is undoubtedly a dangerous act in itself.

9. Mining Workers

Mines are extreme working areas filled with toxic fumes and exhausting atmospheric conditions. And to add to this is the constant explosions and heavy machinery which are used in these workplaces. All of these circumstances are a constant threat for the health of mining workers.

10. Taxi Drivers

Un-managed working schedules and routines are a common day experience in the life of a taxi driver. And then there are constant threats of meeting an accident. All of these extreme working conditions can lead to extreme fatigue which could be the reason for fatal accidents when on road. Besides, the chances of acquainting with social miscreants are almost always imminent.

These professions are amongst some of the riskiest jobs on the planet. And likewise, they deserve an extra appreciation for the value they add to a country’s economy, as well as, a common man’s life. This is the reason that these professionals are protected by law against any inhumane working conditions or wrongs that could be done to them. In fact, if found guilty, the employer or the superiors of these professionals can face serious consequences, being held liable and paying compensation, being some of them.