Let’s explore a smarter way to Work with Cases using Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

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Kanban Board

Do you find reports with charts and graphs more appealing? Does visual representation give you more clarity of data? Do you think visualization improves analysis of data?

If yes, then we have an amazing app which will visualize your Dynamics 365 CRM data in Kanban View – our very own visualization tool known as Kanban Board.

Kanban Board with its ability to categorize and visualize data provides a quick review of Dynamics 365 CRM records in a card-based view that helps you to easily identify the status of the records. It is a visual tool that will help you organize data as per your business requirement.

So, what are the benefits of using Kanban Board?

1. You will have the ability to easily organize and categorize records of a given entity in Kanban view as per the Business Process Flow defined for that entity. For example, if you enabled Business Process Flow (BPF) for Case entity then you will get a clear view of how many of your records are in which stage of business process and accordingly you can come up with action plan to resolve all the pending cases.

Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

2. You can categorize and group records in row based on any field value; for example, priority – here you can differentiate the records into High, Normal or Low category.

You can also drag and drop the records (cards) from one row to another which will update the field of that record in both lane & row.

Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

3. With Kanban Board you can present the selected View in a Kanban View for quick access and easy understanding and classification of the data in the view. So, with just one glance you will get brief idea about the status of records.

Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

4. You will have quick access to important information in a compact card view. The records in the Kanban View are represented as compact cards where you can define up to 5 fields to be displayed in the card. With this you will get all the necessary information displayed on the screen. This will lead to easy analysis of Dynamics 365 CRM data thereby saving time and effort.

Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

5. You will have the ability to define quick activity actions for the records. Each card supports defining of up to 3 quick activity actions. You can create the activity record defined in a single click from this view.

Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

6. Kanban Board works in context of the native CRM environment and responds to all native ribbon actions available for traditional views. You can use this control to replace the default visualization available for the views in CRM and can perform any action from the ribbon bar by selecting the cards as you would in the traditional view upon selecting a record.

6Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

7. You will have the ability to search through native quick search available for views in CRM. Just enter the record name in search box and within seconds you will have the result. Being a Power Apps Component that replaces the OOB grid components of the view, results of the quick search is reflected in the Kanban View as well.

Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

8. With Kanban Board you can sort the records in the lanes and also filter the data in the view by ‘CreatedOn’ date. You will be able to sort the records (cards)  in ascending or descending order of the field selected.

Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

Kanban View within Dynamics 365 CRM

With all these benefits one can say Kanban Board is your go-to app for visualizing Dynamics 365 CRM data in Kanban View.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download and explore this handy visualization tool from our Website or Microsoft AppSource for a trial period of 15 days.

Feel free to contact us at crm@inogic.com for a personal demo.

Until then – Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!