9 emerging job roles for the future of AI

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Artificial intelligence is fast proving a business differentiator. Here are the key roles and skills you may soon need to fill for your AI A-team.

The future of AI

The future of AI- AI is poised to transform nearly every industry, and with it will come significant changes for many job functions. Many roles across organizations will require at least some use of artificial intelligence technologies in the coming years, creating massive new opportunities for the AI-savvy regardless of discipline.

Alongside this transformation of how many IT and business staff do their work will be the emergence of new jobs targeted at making the most of organizational AI strategies. Machine learning engineers have already cemented their place as must-have members of AI teams, taking first place in Indeed’s best jobs list last year. AI specialist was also the top job in LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs report, with 74 percent annual growth in the last four years, followed by robots engineer and data scientist.

In fact, even during the pandemic, the number of AI-related jobs could increase globally by 13 to 16 percent, according to IDC analyst Ritu Jyoti.

“Because of the pandemic, IDC believes that AI spending and employment will increase among healthcare providers, education, insurance, pharmaceutical companies and federal governments,” she says.

We reached out to IT leaders, AI experts, and industry analysts to get a sense of the kinds of AI roles they see emerging as AI takes firmer hold of the enterprise. Some leading-edge companies are already filling these positions, lending insight into the mix of skills necessary to succeed in them.