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Roadblocks to Progress

With her previous experience working at a large recruitment agency, Kate saw the importance of capturing all candidate and client data within the ATS. However, each member of the team used their own method of data entry and since the agency wasn’t measuring performance using insights from the ATS, key features of the system were not fully utilized. Also, the system wasn’t completely integrated with their timesheet, payroll, or accounting systems, presenting the team with further challenges.

Trying to make changes to a process embedded for several years proved to be challenging. Poor data entry habits had grown across the business.

Kate Condick Inside Recruitment

Despite the initial cost factor, Inside Recruitment called in the services of Kyloe Partners to assist in the reinvention and configuration of their back-end processes. This gave them access to experienced consultants to ensure they were implementing best practices for their business. By working with senior leadership as well as the wider team, Kate was able to identify where they needed to make changes to deliver the true “people experience” to everyone involved with Inside Recruitment.