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I have been a silent member for sometime & have learnt a lot on reddit, specially from this subreddit for the past few years. Before asking this question, I have extensively browsed through reddit looking to see if anybody with similar CRM requirements posted earlier for recommendation. I tried several & I am still looking for a reasonable CRM for my few needs.

I run a small B2B business making agriculture related sales to our customers. Leads are generated on our different websites & forms used on websites for RFQ from customers.

I am currently using []( as my primary email, and importing emails for, & through POP into this account. These domains are added as aliases in gmail to allow sending emails from each domain, i.e [](

I am currently using Copper CRM for storing customer & potential customer database & really love it. However, with COVID & other increased family responsibilities – I need my emails to be managed so that I do not lose on any opportunites during these tough times. I have been looking to hire a VA to manage my inbox so that nothing slips through the cracks. I need a system through which my VA can manage my inbox without having direct access to my gmail account.

What CRM would offer the following solution:

– Ability to share an inbox & keeping all data of emails sent within the inbox. I am inclined to use but I understand that they store all data on their servers & this is a deal breaker. I want all sent emails data to exist in the gmail.
– Should have a good CRM (like PipeDrive or Copper – don't mind if it integrates)
– Assigning emails & being able to share notes about an email
– 03 users (budget $30/month/user)
– Should not look like a ticketing system

I have tried the following & I think for some reason or another they don't meet my requirements:

– Zoho (no shared inbox, their CRM add contact integration in their Chrome extension is best amongst all)
– HubSpot (not able to send email using aliases added in gmail – []( etc)
– Copper (No shared inbox, doesn't allows using aliases added in gmail to send emails)
– PipeDrive (second best to Copper)
– NetHunt
– Nutshell
– Hiver (requires you to allow conversation view which we cannot accept due to long threads of email with attachments)
– Started trial of GrooveHQ from today

I prefer something easy to use & want to start immediately.

Thanks in advance!

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