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Do you feel that in today’s era technology is taking over the traditional methods? You are right! With the evolvement of technology in past few decades there has been a storm of new applications emerging that make the implementation of various business tasks seamless. With these apps people have become smarter and can process complex tasks easily. However, with the development of these apps there has also been a strong requirement of consultants that has spiked up the requirements of existing jobs and created a new wave of techno-functional experts.

Despite the availability of experts to train the users there has been a desire i.e. to track and monitor how the system is used and what is the performance index of its users. To focus on the niche in CRM there is a viability to ease this process in Dynamics 365 CRM with our robust app User Adoption Monitor (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource) dedicated to tracking, reviewing and administering the user performance in CRM. Since keeping resources that are committed to tracking the users can cost a plethora of monetary resource, with User Adoption Monitor managers can simply view the performance of users in their CRM whenever they want and howsoever they want without additional workforce required focused to this job.

User Adoption Monitor is an app that assists the manager and makes decision making easy as in what task to assign to which user and track his top performing team member. Let’s understand how this app helps the manager in various types of monitoring:

Build Ambassadors

With a team entirely involved in various actions in CRM, they have an astounding grip on how to use CRM and have adopted to the system completely, they can become the voice of their application and prove to be ambassadors of the system. With User Adoption Monitor the mangers can easily track who are the employees that have better understanding of the applications and can assign them various tasks.

Gauge Adoption Uptake

With User Adoption Monitor the managers can track how each employee is performing, what actions they are making and trace the performance index. With this, they can gauge how the users are adopting to system and launch various training programs that help in improving user adoption and spearhead in the direction of maximum output.

Track Summaries

With User Adoption Monitor tracking can be set for a specific period. For instance, tracking can be done on daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the goals set for the users. Also track actions done by the CRM users like Create, Read, Update, Delete, Set State and Form Opens.

Leaderboards and Performance Dashboards

With User Adoption Monitor track performance based on activity breakup through dashboard visualization and track top performing employees to list out key metrics. With leaderboards, performance of each individual can be tracked and how the actions are performed by them in the CRM individually.

Monitor Performance Without Intervening The System

Track the performance and various activity performed by users in CRM without disrupting the ongoing system process. This enables the manager to go through the system process and also take significant decisions while the activities are performed in the system.

Therefore, with User Adoption Monitor managers can track the usability of the system and find out how each user performs. The tasks can be assigned to each user based on their performance index and thus maximum output can be extracted from the system.

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