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Hey guys looking for some help from the experts here. My company (25 person sales and service rep firm) has 4 facets of CRM usage and I am tasked with deciding if we are going to stay with Dynamics or switch to Salesforce. Our Dynamics platform has not been touched since 2012 or so and is near impossible to use. Here is our usage.

  1. Sales: Track opportunities and orders; save takeoffs, pricing, correspondence, POs, and quotes. Run reports to determine performance and commissions
  2. Service: Handle technician scheduling, save service reports with applicable jobs, track hours associated with a job, maybe notify a tech where they need to be and when
  3. Accounting: Interface with Sage 50 so we aren't entering info into Sage just to re enter it into CRM. I feel like these softwares should be talking to each other. Also handle on hand inventory
  4. Marketing: Store accounts and contacts, be able to add them to marketing lists and send mass emails based on marketing lists they are added to

Cost is obviously a factory and as I understand it Salesforce will be more expensive. But is it worth it? Thanks for any info!

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