Improve Your Business’ Core Processes by Building a Customized Tech Stack

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Roadblocks to Progress

For Jason, there were two key challenges in the way of getting the most out of Bullhorn and the new Marketplace partners: time and adoption.

Since the entire team at Per Sé Group is passionate about technology, their eagerness to adopt many new tools at once often worked against them and they found themselves slowed by the drive to do everything.

There’s always the challenge of adopting new technologies and breaking old habits. We’ve had technologies in the past that didn’t work the way we needed and the adoption of them was slow. Adoption challenges are certainly reduced when something is introduced and it does what you promised it would do.

Jason Flanagan Per Sé Group

Second, Jason knew that getting the team to adopt the new practices and technologies would be key to ongoing success. Having used tools in the past that were not up to par, Jason focused on ensuring the Marketplace partners were the right ones for the team. 

Through discussions with key stakeholders, user feedback, and ongoing training classes, Jason’s team has been able to keep the changes moving forward rather than getting stuck or stalling progress. 

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