Offering $40 to buy a Highrise login

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Hi folks, I was laid off from my tutoring job last week, and my Highrise account was deactivated. I have emailed Highrise to see if my previous account could be restored/split off from the company, but no, and Highrise is no longer accepting new signups. I don't feel like learning a new CRM for my private clients, and the project-based CRMs flooding the market just don't work well for me as a tutor. Does anyone have an unused Highrise account to sell me? I can do Venmo, PayPal, whatever. You would need to know the password (or reset it) and then I can go in and change the email address, etc for my use. Ideally, it wouldn't have a bunch of data in it already, but I think there may be a bulk delete option for clearing that out.

Let me know! -Jess

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