So I am looking for a CRM(Kinda) just for personal IN PERSON networking usage.

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I am wondering if there is a platform that I can use to keep track of my personal comings and goings for example. I am a mortgage broker however I would not like it to keep track of sales as that is all in house. I want something that I can per-say meet people in person acquire business cards. Add them to a proper contact model and attach them to other related persons. For example: I meet 1 lawyer from law-firm X, the next day I meet another lawyer lets call him lawyer 2 from law-firm X I want to be able to correlate the two in an easy to access manner as well as add notes for example I find lawyer 1 has grand-kids birthdays coming up and I want to note it to bring up in conversation later. lawyer 2 has an anniversary and so on however I would like to be able to link both lawyers to law-firm X so I can reference his colleague and there inner workings next meeting. I'd like it to be expandable to personal relationships as well as I do a lot of in person networking not related to sales however I find it becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of details. Appointments, meetings, small talk, contact info, interesting points that may be needed later. You get the gist. I am not looking for a "Lead creation" or sales centered platform I am more interested in a repository in which I can just let the info sit until I need it at a later date. Are there any existing platforms to help somebody like me keep track of such info? Again I'm not looking for leads I'm looking for finding a way to better develop connections fluidly. Please let me know I'd greatly appreciate such information.

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