Help regarding CRMs and a job interview

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Sorry if this isn’t a good place to post

A job I am interviewing for on Monday says the ideal person would have good working knowledge of cloud based CRM Systems. I have never used CRM Systems!

My question is, they may ask what I know about them during the interview. How can I answer this to look knowledgable even though I have never used the system?

I really want to get this position

Am I right in thinking that CRM Systems store all information regarding customers, sales, leads and so on. They allow the company to see where they are doing well and areas where they aren’t doing as well. They can record KPIs which will show which areas are performing best. They can store email templates, social media posts etc to make a more automated system. They are useful as the system can be accessed from anywhere in the world by different devices – is this all correct or no?

Thank you

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