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Dynamics Crisis ResponseDuring times of economic uncertainty, innovation is needed for survival. Companies have to respond quickly and adapt to a new way of doing things. Old tried and true methods cannot be relied on when so many unique challenges are being faced.

One challenge that organizations are facing is dealing with so many changes in so little time. Some have had high surges in demand with no time to adapt. And predicting how to prepare for the future is difficult for everyone during this time of uncertainty.

Organizations are looking to Microsoft partners to help them pivot quickly by combining the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft productivity tools like Teams.

In this post, we briefly share how Microsoft Dynamics partners are bringing innovative solutions to help companies deal with unexpected high volumes of growth as well as helping them prepare for the future.

Capitalize on data to drive business direction

Centralized data has never been so important. Every organization collects data from transactions and functions across operations. But data stored in separate systems for sales, production, and financials can’t support the fast, informed decisions that are needed.

Microsoft partners are helping organizations unlock data and put complete, decision-driving information in the hands of people who need it.

  • Fluid forecasting- Microsoft Dynamics partners are helping businesses create forecasts built on multiple scenarios to help leaders understand how to respond to different levels of recovery and navigate through the challenges.
  • Deep insights- Power BI combined with Dynamics 365 allows organizations to look for relationships and trends hidden in traditional reports.
  • Promising discoveries- Microsoft Dynamics partners are also helping organizations use data to evaluate the potential of business model pivots, with the ability to identify which products to promote, analyze new product line costs, and target customers with potential interest in services delivered remotely.

Respond quickly to unexpected demand

Since COVID-19 came on the scene, a challenge for some organizations has been to respond to a surge in demand with no time to prepare. With higher transaction volumes overwhelming business management systems and processes, Microsoft Dynamics partners have stepped in to help organizations handle the rapid change.

By connecting all the systems that an organization uses to sell, build, and deliver products and services, Microsoft Dynamics partners replace slow, manual work with automated workflows. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system connected to industry and specialized systems, businesses can scale quickly to meet demand. This saves valuable time that can be used to support your company in other crucial ways.

Organizations are facing challenges that were unforeseen. When times are difficult, the experience that Microsoft Dynamics partners have gained through years of problem-solving comes through. We invite you to read the whitepaper “9 Creative Ways Microsoft Dynamics is Helping Businesses Pivot During Crisis” to see how a Microsoft Dynamics partner can help you during this time of uncertainty

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