Future of ERP Technology in Next 5 years

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As high-end technological advancements continue to emerge at warp-speed, it is imperative for businesses to walk hand-in-hand with the change and embrace novel technologies to stay ahead in the game.

A number of factors are deemed to shaping up the future of ERP solutions in India and globally, this blog will discuss about few prominent ones that we at Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. believe will play a pivotal role in revolutionizing the ERP technology and its use by businesses.

Tomorrow’s ERP technology hints at fortifying the ability of businesses to make more informed decisions and indulge in smart business. Being a leading provider of ERP, CRM and payroll solutions to SMEs across India, we thought of it as an interesting thing to predict where the industry might take us in five years down the line, say by 2020.

Though it’s still several years from now, here are few predictions for ERP that will define what the technology will look like by 2020.

  • More user-friendly ERP systems

With increased influx of next-gen workforce in organisations, we are sure to see a huge number of highly user-friendly ERP systems to come up in the near future. Imagine a youth in his 20s hailing from the Twitter and Facebook era is being asked to understand and work on some primitive and pale dashboard-based ERP system, it is just not going to happen!

Thus, businesses that are yet to make the big switch will be under acute pressure to do so. To counteract this dilemma, ERP vendors are expected to come up with more agile, intuitive and user-friendly ERP solutions to accommodate the next-gen workforce. Looking at this, Sage Software has rolled out Sage X3, a modern and cutting-edge ERP software with attractive dashboard, easy to use feature and mobile.

Coming to wearable technology, smart watches, glasses, bands, etc. would form the crux for ERP anytime, anywhere!

  • Mobility and wearable technology to turn dominant

Whilst industry experts stress more on cloud and SaaS, mobility will be a primary dominant in the ERP market by 2020. Right from store personnel to management people and clerks to back-office employees, everyone is expected to access ERP systems via mobile devices instead of desktops. This is because more and more number of folks are used to handheld devices in their personal lives thus, would prefer using ERP systems from their mobile devices even when on the go! So unmatched flexibility through mobile ERP is just around the corner! Brace yourself for the mobile ERP era .

  • Improved BI and reporting

Though business intelligence has already gained a decent traction, it is expected to continue trending over the coming years. Having intuitive and actionable business data handy via BI reporting, businesses will find it easy to manoeuvre critical operations and strategies accordingly. Thus, the need for robust ERP software with accurate business intelligence reporting will grow in great numbers. So watch out for the BI buzzword in the near future …

  • Upsurge in bespoke ERP solution

Since we are already witnessing a surge in businesses that do not necessarily ask for a full-fledge ERP software, but instead want a fully customised ERP solution that befits specific business needs such as ERP for inventory tracking, accounting software solutions, warehouse management, sales/purchase etc. So in the next few years, we expect a steep upsurge in businesses that would demand for bespoke ERP solutions befitting specific business preferences and requisites.


It certainly will be amazing to recall these predictions after five years to ascertain as which ones made to the list and which ones went off track. Nevertheless, basis of trends that we at Sage Software are witnessing, these aforementioned ones seem quite relevant.

Good news is that an efficient ERP planning and strategy is sure to help your business sail smooth through all the challenges faced during implementation and adoption. To learn more about seamless ERP implementation, integration and adoption for your business, feel to write to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in or click here.

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