Casino Style Membership CRM/ASM

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I run a poker club with some friends and am looking for a membership software similar to what they use in casinos where individual members have membership/players cards where they can "check in" and have credits associated to their account. Along with some of the other below features.

  1. have users with individual accounts and players cards and be able to get credits for playing.
  2. their account need to be able to have a balance on them. Positive and a negative balance
  3. users be able to "check in" with a qr code or barcode on a physical players card
  4. users be able to log in to be able to see their balance.

some other features I would want down the road would be the following but are not critical to get things goings 1. be able to send out a mass SMS message to my playes for the next poker game 2. payment processing for membership fees for my poker club

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