Staffing Companies Go Remote with Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting

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Sage Intacct is the perfect in-the-cloud financial management software for staffing companies. Due to the recent boon in remote workforces, many staffing agencies have been forced to adapt. Consequently, more and more employees need easy access to work from home or on the go – from anywhere, at any time.

The major push for the workforce to be mobile spills over to management too.

And Sage Intacct is ready.

Mobile Means Fast

Time needs to be easy to capture, approved for accuracy, and then be billed out to clients at a regular cadence. So this means staffing companies need their workforce to enter time in expenses quickly and remotely. With Sage Intacct, these functions all happen in the same system.

No need to integrate systems or have multiple disconnected islands of information. Employees can enter time for their work from an internet-capable device. All of the approval steps and complicated billing arrangements can happen automatically within Sage Intacct.

All these advantages add up to a fast and seamless solution.

Bring Your Own Financials – Securely

Working remotely doesn’t mean sacrificing productivity. Wherever you have an internet connection and a device you have full access to the Sage Intacct system. Access those key charts, reports, and dashboards. As a result, you can make even the most critical decisions in a snap with real-time information at your fingertips.

Do you require a high level of security? You get it. Your admins can implement single-sign-on (SSO), restrict access to certain IP addresses, enable two-factor authentication, and encryption of data in transit. Sage Intacct offers their Buy with Confidence Guarantee, therefore giving even the most apprehensive critic peace of mind.

Your financials are always secure, reliable, and available.

Collaborate Without Switching Apps

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to address gaps in their communication and collaboration technology. Consequently, products like Zoom Meetings and Microsoft Teams have become indispensable for many.

Staffing companies need to connect the different types of professionals who work together. Executives see information on a dashboard and need to ask questions about it from their staff. Colleagues need to review the information and make approvals on the fly, gathering input from others as they go.

Sage Intacct includes Collaborate – the same technology that Salesforce calls “Chatter”. Using Collaborate, users can talk within Sage Intacct, and even to extend that conversation to Salesforce when needed. Above all, making communication easy speeds up processes and alleviates potential issues much more efficiently.

Elite Financial Management for Staffing

In short, Your workforce is working remotely with mobile technology by choice or by necessity. Sage Intacct can keep your organization running effectively and efficiently. It is the only accounting software recommended by the AICPA and is the best financial management software for staffing companies period.

If you would like to learn more about Sage Intacct and how it can help make your business more mobile, let us know! You can give us a call at 855.913.3228 or shoot us an email at You can even fill out our simple web form and someone will get back to you within 1 business day. At Alta Vista Technology, we take pride in being part of your solution.

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