A graphical workflow is a diagrammatic representation of a set of events. It can be a simple or a set of complex events interlaced with multiple dependencies, rules, and regulations. No matter what the structure of the graphical workflow is, if you run the same workflow you get the same result. A graphical workflow is an important tool that helps eliminate redundancies and create efficiencies. The following article throws light on the advantages of a fully customizable graphical workflow.

Graphical workflows are dear to project managers because they bring predictability. They help coordinate events, provide expected results, and introduce transparency into the system. The following are the eight benefits of graphical workflows.

  1. When a project is at risk, it can immediately increase team members and decrease instances for disputes without any delays in the schedule. 
  2. Graphical workflows make it easy for project managers and other stakeholders to monitor the process by providing a visually stimulating feel.
  3. While preparing a graphical workflow, companies revisit their current policies and often find many loopholes. Thus, they get the chance to correct and optimize them.
  4. Graphical workflows present the complete picture of how the project is running from end-to-end. It also warns of any bottlenecks or redundancies in the system.
  5. Graphical workflows help project managers to estimate the time needed to complete the entire project.
  6. Graphical workflows define each member’s responsibility accurately.  
  7. Graphical workflows provide an audit trail that keeps a track of important details — such as who finished what tasks, when were they completed, and any changes that have been made.
  8. Graphical workflows make it easy to manage projects. Thus, managers can focus their time and effort on essential things such as business strategy and building long-lasting customer relationships. 

Graphical workflows are used in diverse industries ranging from customer service, human resources, healthcare, travel, IT, pharmaceutical, and military. Due to their simplicity, they are gaining wide recognition.

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