3 Ways to Reduce Screen Time during Remote Working

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One of the ill effects of remote work is that you need to stick to the screen for very long. This causes eye damage and muscle fatigue. Also, since you are working from home you can no longer take coffee breaks, have water cooler conversations, drive-by chats, and team lunches. Such activities allowed you a break from the screen but unfortunately, they are no longer possible. Here are 3 tips to reduce screen time during remote work.

Find opportunities to move around

A lot of remote work is done by sitting on the chair. To prevent muscle fatigue take regular breaks. Go to the kitchen to fill your water bottle. Take short breaks in between to move your hands and legs. It will provide your muscles the much-needed relief. Put the laptop on a higher counter so that you get to stretch your legs. Purchase a standing desk as it will ensure that you stand and sit alternatively. If you have a telephonic meeting where you don’t need to see through a camera, consider walking in your room during the conversation.

Your personal time is yours

Remote work doesn’t mean that you need to sit in front of your laptop 24/7. Taking breaks is equally important. To reduce screen time you can designate a few hours to have a little chit-chat with your family or friends. You can read physical books. You can have lunch alone without doing anything else. Also, after your work is done, you can go out and have a brisk walk. You can play your favorite sport or do anything that helps you reduce your screen time. 

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Adopt physical over digital

To reduce your screen time further, you can adopt physical alternatives instead of going digital. For example, if you are preparing a business plan or a new strategy, you can sketch it on a whiteboard or paper. Prefer reading a physical book instead of its eBook version. Subscribe to physical magazines instead of online subscriptions. Studies suggest that taking breaks spur creativity. So, reducing screen time can actually be beneficial for you.

Remote working is the new norm. Unless there is a vaccine available for the virus, we will have to work from our homes. This calls for measures to reduce screen time as prolonged exposure to it can have negative effect on us. 

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