The Tool Every Retail Banker Should Use To Serve Customers

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There’s a tool owned by everyone from school children to executives. We’d like to make the case that retail bank employees can up their game and add value for their customers by using it for every interaction. What is this amazing tool? It’s your tablet.

Picture this: A customer visits your bank branch for the first time. They enter and are greeted by a friendly team member sporting a sleek tablet. Instead of asking the customer to stand in line, they ask them their name, phone number, and the reason for their visit. If the employee can’t immediately resolve the customer’s issue, they’ll point them to the person who can—no more being shuffled from line to line looking for help. Sounds easy, right?

There’s no doubt that the new normal of banking is mobile-centric. Everyone’s busy, everyone’s on the move, and everyone wants to make the most of technology, bankers and customers alike.

Mobile-centric is now

Mobile-centric is no longer the future; it’s now. There’s a reason we believe that every single retail banker should have a tablet equipped with Microsoft Dynamics 365,  in their hand.  Dynamics 365 better enables your team to manage their customer interactions. When they enter a name, email, phone number, and the reason for the customer’s visit to your bank, they can pull up the customer’s entire record and automatically route them to the most appropriate resources. If it is a teller transaction, they’ll direct them to the teller. If they want to open a new account, they can quickly capture the information needed for the new-account setup.

With this approach, it easier for customers to manage their financial business, and your employees have the social contact that presents an opportunity to introduce other offerings. You’ve also captured important contact information that can be used by your sales team to reach out by phone, text, or email.

Why Dynamics 365?

Without a full-service system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, you may have a customer’s financial information in one place, and his customer profile in another. It’s hard to keep everything up to date.

But best-in-class customer service involves more than equipping staff with tablets. Matching the right technology with the right people and best practices to support the various tasks related to customer engagement is vital.

It’s also essential to put the right data in the hands of those employees focused on customer engagement. When a customer enters a branch and is greeted by an employee able to assist them with a financial transaction and also log a case around a mortgage account question, you’ve gone a long way toward earning customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Operating branches is expensive, and some banks have to close branches in an attempt to control costs and fund the spending required to continue the bank’s digital transformation. But branches are still critical customer touchpoints. Branch profitability can be re-defined if customer engagement within the branch is re-imagined.

An integrated customer engagement engine ties the physical presence of a branch and a bank’s employees with the digital relationship management tools and processes necessary for exceptional customer service.

Crowe CRM for Banking powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers bank staff with the tools and information needed to efficiently deliver high-quality, personalized service – for all interactions across all channels.  It gives managers and team members the information they need to be effective.

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