Streamline Business Processes by Integrating ERP and CRM

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Simplify Software Integration with Unity 

Technological evolution continues to give companies advantages they have never previously experienced, new software gives you the ability to streamline processes, and supreme accessibility to your data in real-time. Within this technology evolution, you receive the opportunity to stay ahead of your competition. You simply have to reach out and take that advantage.

Many companies have invested in both ERP and CRM system software to gain control over their success in today’s market. These systems may have provided some business improvements, but they fail to do the one thing that could put their users miles ahead of the competition: integrate with previous software systems.  

While integration definitively streamlines your business processes, not all integration methods are created equal. Custom connectors often require painstaking coding and costly maintenance. But you need an integration solution that takes stress off your business instead of introducing more—a pre-built, fully customizable, time-saving connector. That is why Datix built Unity. With a pre-built application that seamlessly connects your ERP and CRM software, seizing that competitive advantage and even setting yourself miles apart to become your industry’s new powerhouse is more attainable than ever before.