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Hello everyone.

I've been researching this topic extensively and thanks to reddit I've tested some solutions I didn't know about. Still haven't found something comprehensive. That's what prompted this post.

Below I will list how we do business and what we're looking for in a solution.


  1. Vendor – Distributor – Us – End User
  2. Vendor – Us – End User

Type of Products:


  1. Warranties – certain amount of time + the ability to purchase extension.
  2. Pledges (where the customer pays an annual premium to upgrade “free” after a certain period.


  1. On Premise – with annual maintenance renewals.
  2. Annual Subscription – with annual renewal to use rights.


  1. Vendor – Distributor – Us – End User
  2. Vendor – Us – End User

Type of Services:


  1. Sold as per hour as and when it’s requested.
  2. Sold as an annual contract with monthly payments for a specified number of hours per month.

Vendor Service

  1. Sold per month for an agreed service/deliverable. (can be users/servers/storage/endpoint/managed equipment)


  1. Sold as a class with a minimum of students on multiple technologies/vendors. Usually in a classroom but we also do it remotely (not preferred).

Primary requirements for a CRM solution.

1. QuickBooks Online integration

a. Be able to pull information from QBO. Customers, Products, Accounts, Ledgers, Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders.

b. Generate reports in the CRM from that data so we have a clear image of our historical data. Several years of data.

c. Push information to QBO (there’s a concern here whether we should generate Quotes/PO/Invoices from CRM. Firstly, we accustomed our users with QBO documents although we’re not overly happy with them. Secondly, once we generate said documents, will QBO generate the equivalent internally or just pick up the information?)

  1. Say we generate a Quote in CRM. What will the behaviour be? Will the CRM upload the document to QBO? Or will QBO generate the equivalent?

d. QBO projects or no projects? – Ideally, we would split the product vs service for better reporting and forecasting. Currently we use only the recurrent invoice ability with templates from QBO. How are the recurrent invoices from QBO managed in the CRM?

2. Email Integration

a) Most CRMs do O365 integration, some better some worse. Any CRM that can sync all emails from O365? Many of them have limitations of 60-90 days.

b) Apart from listing emails on the contact’s timeline, any CRM that can allow us to allocate specific emails to projects? Out of say 10 emails a customer sends us, 2 are relevant to a specific project with that customer. It would be ideal if we can see those emails in the project timeline.

Ringcentral Integration

a) It would be nice to have the CRM sync all contacts and phone numbers to RingCentral.

b) A must would be to have call recordings with customers on their timeline with notes throughout the call.

Triggers on calls in CRM – prompt activity creation, outcome selection, and more.

It would be appreciated if you have an suggestions. I'd mention that so far we've tested: SFDC, Dynamics, Pipedrive, Bitrix24, SalesMate, Accelo, Sugar, SuiteCRM, Zoho, Hubspot, VTiger (we do not like MethodCRM). We need to understand how important is a PSA for us. What is a PSA with an excellent CRM capability?
Something that we want to look at is Nutshell. What has been your experiences with it? Should we lean towards a giant PSA vendor?

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