Epicor Launches ‘Fit for the Future’ Program to Enable Partners to Build Business Resilience in the New Now

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Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, has announced the launch of a ‘Fit for the Future’ Program—designed to empower its partners, and help them emerge stronger from market conditions than ever before. 


As an extension of the Epicor brand, partners are a vital part of Epicor’s go-to-market model. By providing competency, capability, and capacity within the market, these partners enable Epicor to better serve and deliver even more value to its customers. Partners include resellers, system integrators, and service partners, which can implement, design, and develop transformational IT strategies using the broad Epicor product portfolio and tools.

In order to support partners through today’s challenging marketplace, Epicor has committed to deliver on three core pillars within an ongoing remote program.

1.     Togetherness-One Team

Success over the coming months requires staying connected to those partners and companies that stand by a company’s side. As businesses continue to navigate through the new now, it’s now more vital than ever to offer and enable connectivity and agility. Epicor is actively encouraging partners to share their experiences and learnings in order to drive business improvements, needed to fuel continued growth and shore up business resilience. Partners will be able to access recordings, PowerPoint presentations, demo scripts, and other supporting documents from a partner hub to boost sales and scalability.

2.     Developing Skills and Value

An enablement plan has also been put in place to help partners continue to develop a range of skills that can help them to remain competitive and agile over the coming months. Training is being delivered through a range of virtual sessions, including the following:

  • Sales skills—understanding customer pain points and articulating increased value to customers
  • Operational efficiencies, and how to improve the customer experience
  • Capability in accessing valuable collateral and managing pipeline
  • Business planning and driving SMART objectives

To support partner development, Epicor is also publishing a series of weekly webinars and has been offering free-of-charge certifications over the last month.

3.     Communication

Epicor is committed to sharing valuable information—to ensure partners have useful data to help customers through a variety of new market challenges. By keeping the lines of communication open, Epicor can continue to grow alongside its partners, whilst supporting the wellbeing of each business and its employees.

For partners who have participated in the ‘Fit for the Future’ program, Epicor will be recognising these efforts through a scheme called the ‘Partner Olympics’. Points will be awarded for attending webinars, downloading information from the partner hub, and achieving certifications. By putting this scheme in place, Epicor aims to drive continued engagement, whilst helping partners to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing global climate.

“By investing in our partner community and supporting them through challenging times such as these, we are making sure businesses are resilient, by equipping them with the resources, tools, and knowledge needed to emerge stronger than ever before. We are dedicated to helping our partners by helping them to thrive and adapt to the current environment in a way that’s rapid, streamlined, and scalable,” comments Paul Flannery, vice president, channel sales, the international region at Epicor Software.

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