Microsoft ISV partners deploy new tooling to support coronavirus fight

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The coronavirus continues to rattle industries, driving up unemployment, hampering economic activity, and, above all, causing a major health crisis. In response to the sudden strain on hospital systems and other organizations, ISVs and partners in the Microsoft channel have been creating specialized apps and tooling to address different challenges.

US-bsaed machine learning provider and Microsoft partner, ElectrifAi develops productized machine learning and AI models to help multiple industries save costs and analyze data. With a long history as a Microsoft partner, the company relies on Azure to handle the compute and back-end services for its IP. As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, the company is offering new tools on the Azure Marketplace, backed by Azure Kubernetes Service, to support hospitals on the front lines.

Jim McGowan, SVP of cloud partners at ElectrifAi, explained that the company has premiered a new offering, called PulmoAi to assist healthcare providers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The product helps in Covid-19 patient triage testing and assessing the efficacy of treatments, he explained: