9 Make or Break Questions That You Should Ask Your CRM Partner

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It’s no secret that choosing the right CRM partner is vital to success. While the right partner will successfully manage the project professionally, the wrong partner will stumble through the implementation, leaving you wondering how you ended up so far over budget and away from reaching your goals.

To keep you from experiencing such regret, 18 industry experts have contributed their insights and ideas to give you a list of 9 questions to ask your potential CRM partner. These questions are often overlooked but can be the key to finding the perfect partner for your company.

1. What makes your implementation process successful?

You want a partner who can demonstrate they have successfully completed multiple implementations. So ask them to show you proof! The right partner will clearly describe the phases, deliverables, and expected outcomes of their implementation process.

2. How can our company contribute to project success?

For a successful implementation, everyone needs to get involved. However, this idea can cause stress and anxiety for employees. That’s why a successful partner will suggest a proactive plan to alleviate any fears throughout the company, as well as a clear strategy to ensure employees have the appropriate bandwidth needed to work on the project.

3. What is your approach to change management and training?

Nobody likes change. But when it comes to CRM implementation, change is unavoidable. The right partner will have a game plan of how to make the changes easier to accept. From breaking the project down into smaller phases to providing adequate guidance and training, your CRM partner should be able to provide clear evidence that they know how to prepare your company for the upcoming changes.

4. How will we define and manage success?

No doubt you have specific goals for this project. Make sure your CRM partner is focused on meeting those goals with a strategic plan of how they will do so and how they will measure progress throughout the project.

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