P360 launches Swittons, a pharma sales IoT device on Microsoft cloud

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New Jersey-based ISV P360 has launched its Swittons IoT-powered device  for the pharmaceutical market to the Microsoft market. 

Think of Swittons a bit like Amazon’s Dash buttons, but for a healthcare provider rather than a consumer. With four pre-set buttons a pharmaceutical sales and marketing team sets up the device with the right branding and actions integrated with their systems. Then they share the device with providers, who can then reach out on-demand with common requests.

The entire offering is built on Azure, leveraging services like IoT Hub, Cosmos DB, SQL Server and App Services, and is only available on both Azure Marketplace and AppSource, Anupam Nandwana, CEO of P360 told MSDW.

P360 markets Swittons through multiple channels, but with a particular focus on commercial pharmaceutical operations. Nandwana explained: