Breaking down the functions and benefits of ERP software

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Benefits of ERP software

Benefits of ERP software- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has the ability to link sectors within a business, and it is also completely customizable. Can a company view its payroll? Check. Can it analyze efficiency with automated batching systems? Check. What about tracing back the ingredients within a specific product? That’s another check.

“Our ERP system has multiple built-in capabilities to integrate with other systems,” said Brandon Heiser, chief operating officer, Roskam Baking Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. “One example is a warehouse management system where we use scan guns to track the location of pallets so we know where everything is at all times.”

Intersnack, Düsseldorf, Germany, installed Infor’s Cloudsuite Food & Beverage in 2018. It uses the software to run these aspects of its business: human resources, financials, performance, business intelligence, enterprise asset, risk, customer relationship and procurement, and supply chain management.

In 2019, snack maker and food manufacturer Zumbro River Brand, Inc., St. Cloud, Mich., executed ProcessPro’s ERP software solution throughout its facilities.

“ProcessPro has provided Zumbro River Brand the tools it needs to streamline processes, discontinue many manual processes and integrate all of our systems into one ERP solution,” said Ashley Osmund, plant controller. “During our implementation, we also implemented the warehouse management solution that allowed our company to move to a barcoded inventory and location system.”

Roskam had three goals when the company executed Microsoft Dynamix AX/D365. The first was mitigating Excel spreadsheets for data input and business processes such as reports and planning tools. Next, the company wanted to reduce non-value positions and time wasted by keying data into a financial system. The third objective was to obtain accurate inventory at any time.

“These high-level goals went beyond expectations with a significant drop in Excel usage for business-critical functions and reports,” Mr. Heiser said. “And inventory accuracy went up from about 85% to 99%.”

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