Why we need to secure IoT connections sooner than later

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IoT connections

IoT connections- IoT products offer many conveniences but there are massive amounts of data being transferred to and from these services vulnerable to attack if left unsecured. In this podcast, Mike Nelson, Vice President of IoT Security at DigiCert, talks about the growing insecurity of IoT devices and what we should do about it.

Here’s a transcript of the podcast for your convenience.

Hey everyone, it’s Mike Nelson. I’m the vice president of IoT security at DigiCert. DigiCert is the world’s leading provider of PKI products and services. And we’re here today to talk about an interesting topic and a topic of growing importance.

As most of us are aware, connectivity is growing all around us. Businesses are becoming more connected. In recent days, more and more employees of businesses are working from home and needing secure connectivity. The number of IoT devices continues to grow in mass amounts globally. Those devices are creating a lot of connectivity around us, but that connectivity also creates a lot of security risk and exposure that a lot of consumers who are going about their normal lives are not aware of.

What I’d like to talk about today is the growing need to secure that connection, whether that be within a business, whether that be with a connected device in a consumer’s home, or whether that be a consumer browsing the internet. All of that connectivity needs to be done in a way that is secure, and the importance of that is so critical.

My expertise of course is in the IoT space. I’ll be focusing the majority of the discussion today around IoT. But we’ll also talk a little bit about businesses and the importance of securing the internet.

In the IoT space, it’s projected that billions and billions of devices, up to 43 billion devices will be in the market in the coming years. Those devices are collecting sensitive data, they’re providing critical business functions, they’re providing healthcare monitoring, and even performing healthcare procedures. Those devices are critical to the function of our society and they will grow in their importance. A lot of those devices are, as I mentioned, insecure, and the risk of those devices being attacked is very real and provides some scary consequences.

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Article Credit: HelpNetSecurity