Looking for a CRM but for a research lab, not sales team. Looking for it to be strong on the data analysis side. Any suggestions?

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Background: we're a research lab and for our research, we have to recruit sites into our research pool. we record a lot of data but so far have been using sheets as a sort of home grown CRM, with a new row being entered for each attempt (call, text, email, visit, ext).

what we're exploring is moving towards a proper CRM to help us manage all of our data. One of the things we'd like to do is look at each unique site ID, and see how many times it took to recruit a site based on # of calls, emails, visits, etc. Ideally we could also weigh each of these differently as well, so 5 phone calls =1 visit, etc.

Of course, in addition to that we'd like to have the CRM be able to track stages of sites, contact info, etc.

Do y'all have any suggestions of CRMs to explore? Bonus if it has a functional mobile app.

Full team would be about 50 people, and barebones team would be 6, ideally we'd have the full team.

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