“Customer is the King” is a proverb that is often used in the business world. And it is rightly so because the wider your customer base, the greater will be your revenue potential. According to the report, personalized customer service has made 49% of buyers make impulse purchases. Thus all your efforts should be directed to make your customer experience better. This requires paying attention to CRM trends and their corresponding CRM solutions. This article throws light on 5 CRM trends in 2020 that you should look for and try incorporating in your day-to-day business.

1. Customer identity

Creating, maintaining, and constantly updating customer profiles is as cumbersome as it is useful. The points below explain why a CRM solution is the best way out.

  • It integrates with modern technology – AI and IoT – to have meaningful conversations with customers.
  • It allows you to consider large swathes of customer data and build customer profiles.
  • It maps data owned by different departments in the company to create a unified view of customers across business units.

2. Smart shopping

With the market flooding with millennials and Gen Zers, shopping patterns have drastically changed. The following points explain how a CRM solution shows the way ahead.

  • The future of shopping consists of a sound collaboration between retail and online shopping. A CRM solution provides various touchpoints that ensure a healthy balance between them.
  • A CRM solution integrates various purchase points – social media, gaming consoles, and voice – together.
  • CRM trends show that customers resist dealing with companies that don’t interact on the same platform as theirs.

3. Voice technology

  • CRM trends in 2020 show that administrative tasks such as quote management and data entry eat up a lot of time. A CRM solution with voice technology can easily take care of these things and free up employees’ time.
  • Voice technology can easily log calls and generate call summaries that make it easy for sales reps to interact with customers.
  • Voice technology can schedule meetings and flag competitor mentions all by itself.

4. Customer Service

  • A CRM solution makes use of AI to take care of simple tasks.
  • A CRM solution helps impart rigorous training sessions to your customer care team without any difficulty.
  • CRM trends in 2020 show that chatbots are the most preferred mode of communication for customers. A CRM solution helps integrate chatbots that can gather initial customer information, guide agents, and provide relevant information to customers.

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5. Interdepartmental collaboration

  • CRM trends in 2020 suggest that the future belongs to those companies that successfully integrate different departments.
  • A CRM solution helps mitigate information silos and speeds up the information sharing process between different departments. This helps form a single view of the customer across all interactions.
  • Reusable APIs integrate new services that improve customer experience exponentially.

The future belongs to efficient customer service that will be ensured by a seamless integration of enterprise technology. Companies that work tirelessly to improve it will thrive and rest will dwindle in obscurity. At Sage, we are home to world-class CRM software that will better your customer relationship management and help you transform into a customer-centric organization. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in.

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