Flows from the field: Watson; Child flows; Experimental features; Listing users

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Professionals put Microsoft Power Automate to work with IBM Watson, managing child flows, discovering experimental features, and pulling lists of active users out of Dynamics 365.

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Leveraging IBM Watson

According to Microsoft MVP Joe Gill the beauty of low code platforms is integrating with other platforms easily, without a need for substantial technical skill. In a recent experiment, he opted to call a Power Automate flow from Watson instead of from a Power Virtual Agents bot (in a previous blog post, he used PVA).

In the Watson designer, Gill used key phrases to generate an intent to trigger the action—in this case, #orderquery. From there, he inputted the details of the flow HTTP endpoint into the dropdown of webhook options. The flow accepts values from JSON messages, returning order details in JSON format from the CDS order entity. Additionally, he added a node to the handle the intent, customized it with slots and webhooks, and explained how to tie it all together.

Comparing child flows and child workflows

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