Building a Scheduler within Dynamics CE

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Using Bulk deletion job as a scheduler ! #nocode

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One of the talking points during my conversations with customers (be it workshops or 1:1) is to have an ability to perform a business process periodically based on a trigger.

Out of the box D365 CE does not have any way of scheduling a recurring job/process that can execute so usually we start looking outside to avail options of a Azure Web job or a Console Application or something similar.

In this post, I will try to explain a near Out of the box way of simulating Scheduling processes within the realm of D365 CE itself which will only require configurations and no coding at all.

Examples of some of the common business processes that requires a scheduled background process to execute at a specific interval of time could be:

  1. Sending birthday cards/greetings through D365 CE to your customers or contacts.
  2. Setting up reminders X number of days in advance…

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