TrueCommerce: key benefits of ERP systems in supply chain

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Benefits of ERP systems

Benefits of ERP systems- Could you tell us a little bit about your company?

“We work with retailers and manufacturers to help connect their business across the supply chain. Our aim is to help our customers to do business in every direction intelligently through both innovative technology and the additional support and expertise to manage it. We have a global presence but, in the UK, we are long-term partners with brands like Sainsbury’s, Hobbycraft and Travis Perkins.

What are the benefits of ERP systems? How can the supply chain industry benefit from an effective ERP system? 

“ERP systems work by automating and improving visibility of the various functions and assets within a business – from inventory and order management, to accounting and human resources – to streamline processes and information-sharing.

“The key benefit to supply chains is that, by automating processes internally, businesses can use an ERP system to improve the way they interact with customers and suppliers. Ultimately it enables them to obtain the resources needed to process and distribute products to market in a much faster and more efficient way.

“However, for an ERP system to deliver true value, it’s essential that it is properly integrated with additional external systems to achieve end-to-end automation. For example, manually inputting data from another platform or marketplace – such as Amazon or eBay – into an ERP system immediately negates a lot of the internal efficiencies it will have been designed to deliver.”

What are the challenges of this technology? 

“While releasing the ultimate potential of an ERP system, integration can also be a complex process and, therefore, a challenge for businesses looking to automate and streamline how they manage their products and resources.

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