Q&A: State of cloud security

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Q&A with security policy experts Tufin to discuss a new approach to securing hybrid cloud environments.


Cloud security

Cloud security- What is driving enterprises to make the leap to the Cloud?

Today nearly every enterprise has adopted a mix of private, public and hybrid cloud technologies. Many are at different stages when it comes to their cloud adoption journeys. The primary driver for most of these projects is the need to increase agility and speed up delivery of new applications and services.

Traditional enterprises are under intense pressure from disruptive, cloud-native market entrants to become faster and more agile in order to stay competitive. As a result, enterprises are racing to embrace digital transformation, transitioning their traditional, legacy IT infrastructures from on-premise to a hybrid mix of in-house, cloud-native and public cloud environments.

With the shift of technology platforms, organisations have also adopted agile development practices in order to truly accelerate their business. We certainly see organisations who simply migrate their legacy data centre processes to their cloud environment, known as “lift and shift”, and that can work for a while, but it is not scalable or fast enough.

What are the chief obstacles they face?

Cloud brings a diverse set of challenges. Among the top ones are building a cloud-culture that enables organisations to leverage the potential advantages and securing the cloud.

Large enterprises must balance the need for security with the newfound agility that the cloud brings.

Enterprise CIOs and CISOs are having to contend with pressure from the top to complete this transition as swiftly as possible. In practice, however, achieving this in the face of hybrid cloud complexity, manual processes and security/compliance challenges is far from easy.

The extent to which an IT manager is able to manage the complex process of transitioning to hybrid cloud environments simply and securely can make or break large cloud migration projects. A key approach is to centralise and simplify security policy management to ensure comprehensive cloud security.

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Article Credit: ITProPortal